Be a Pipe

This is the social responsibility aspect of SkillAlert kiddies. We live in an under developed country where we have underprivileged children. Rather than train our children alone; it is important we invest in these underprivileged children lest they become a menace and security threat to the society. We have many gifted who did not choose their position of birth.

SkillAlert concept has a program earmarked to train these children in vocational skills so that they can be self reliant and be a blessing to the society.

We have a network of children through referrals and we also have a sponsorship- team you can join to avail these children of resources.

You can contribute your quota by being a sponsor either by:

  • skill volunteering
  • funding
  • Giving of training materials.

Whatever is done for these children will not go unrewarded, it is a cycle of blessing, a seed that will blossom and give our society peace and security.

Be a sponsor today. Do you know any less privileged child; link them with us to learn a skill today.